Cemetery gates wrecked

An enormous Beech tree, at least 50ft tall, uprooted from the north side of the park over the Jubilee weekend and crashed on to the top gates of the old cemetery, demolishing one post and badly wrecking another.

Branches were broken off another Beech tree in the cemetery as it came down.

The fallen tree is about 50-60ins diameter and completely blocked the bridle path and the top-of-Lark-Street entrance to the cemetery.
Harold Heys, who took the picture (above), said he hoped the Council would quickly re-erect the elegant gates which have been there for over 100 years once they have shifted the tree.

Luckily no one was walking past but it does draw attention to other old trees in the old cemetery and the town’s parks.

Council workmen were quickly on the scene the day after the Jubilee weekend and chopped up the tree to allow access.

FODC June 2012