Data Protection Policy

Data protection policy

The Friends of Darwen Cemetery (FODC or the Friends)

Revised 1 April 2018.

FODC will process personal data fairly and lawfully.

FODC holds personal data of members, volunteers, sponsors and others. The Secretary to the Trustees will act as data protection officer. Any Trustee or other member who holds personal data relevant to the Friends activities will make this known to the Secretary.

The Secretary will review this policy document periodically and report any concerns to the Board of Trustees.

FODC will hold data only for specified lawful purposes

Members. We hold contact data on our members, so that we can run our Charity according to the wishes of our members in line with our Constitution. We need to tell our members about General Meetings of the Charity.

Volunteers. The Working Party Supervisors will hold contact data on our volunteers so that he or she can contact them about volunteering sessions. We also hold attendance records of which sessions they have attended for insurance and Health and Safety reasons, and at year end the attendance data will be passed to the Secretary.

Grave Maintenance Scheme. We hold contact data on individuals who have enrolled in our Grave Maintenance Scheme, so that we can send them requests for payment and to tell them about when we have done maintenance work on their family graves.

War grave adopters. We hold contact information of individuals and groups who have volunteered to take part in caring for War Graves.

FODC will ensure that the personal data we hold will be adequate, relevant and not excessive.

We hold only data on name, address, email address, telephone number, and information on volunteers’ relevant skills and expertise.

FODC will ensure personal data is accurate and kept up to date.

Errors in personal data notified to us will be corrected promptly.

FODC will process data in accordance to the rights of the data subject.

Consent will be required before individuals are contacted about any activity that is not one of the legitimate interests of the Friends.

The right to erasure will be effected promptly.

Information requests will be answered within one month.

FODC will not transfer personal data, unless required by law.

We share personal data about our Trustees with the Charity Commission according to the rules of the Commission.

By our constitution, we are required to give contact details about our members to any member who asks for it. We will require an undertaking from any member who requests this that they have adequate data protection procedures in place.

FODC will not otherwise share personal data without explicit permission of the data subject unless there is a legal requirement to do so.