Cemetery Services

This page has been compiled with help from the Cemeteries Office at Blackburn with Darwen Council.

Checking for Burials and Locating Graves in Darwen Cemetery.

Anyone wishing to check for details of a burial should use:

a)         www.deceasedonline.com

The index, which can be searched free of charge, shows the name and date of burial of the deceased and the cemetery where the interment took place. For a small charge (£1.50 – £2.50) the user can obtain details of the other interments in the same grave and the grave reference number.

b)     Microfilmed copies of the burial registers are available in both Darwen and Blackburn Libraries and can be searched free of charge.

Alternatively the Bereavement Services Office can be contacted at:

Bereavement Services Office Pleasington Cemetery Tower Road Blackburn, BB2 5LE

Telephone No :      01254 202021

Email: cemeteries@blackburn.gov.uk

There may be a charge for information supplied depending upon the amount of time involved in searching the records.

Anyone wishing to have a grave plot marked needs to provide the Bereavement Services Office with details of the plot (grave reference) number. Currently there is no charge for this but it may take a few days for the plot to be marked.

We would like to thank Nicola Ward for all the time and advise given to compile this page, from both herself and the other members of the team at the Cemeteries Office.

Scattering Ashes in the Memorial Garden

Ashes can be scattered in the Memorial Garden in Darwen Western (old) Cemetery, by week day appointment.  

A member of staff from Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council’s cemeteries team will meet you at the Garden to witness the scattering, or to carry it out for you.  

The Council can then keep an official record that the ashes have been laid to rest there, both to complete their records and to provide a trace for future generations of your family.  

If the cremation took place at Pleasington Crematorium, there is no paperwork or fee required.  If the cremation took place elsewhere, you will need to send in a certificate of cremation and the scattering fee of £26.00 (2011) to the Cemetery Office, prior to your appointment.  

To make your arrangements, please ring the Cemetery Office on 
Tel:0845 6066612 and staff will be happy to help.

Memorial Garden Plaques and Plinths

If you are interested in purchasing one of the Bench Plaques or a Plinth Wedge.

If you require any further information please contact Brent Stevenson Memorials on
01254 202019
or click on the below download button or visit Brent Stephenson’s website (address below)

To see the FODC Ashes Garden Brochure click on the download button Download

To see the full Ashes Garden Brochure click on the Download Button

If you require any further information please contact Brent Stevenson Memorials on
01254 202019
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