Last Working Party 2011

On Saturday 26th November we held our last working party of 2011, we had a Cemetery full of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, a Youth Group and School Children and with the help of loads of Adults we Planted 100s and 100s of Dafodills.

We planted the bulbs so quickly we had to go and buy more, the bulbs were planted in front of every Grave in Section C and on the side of the mound where the Non Conformist Chapel once stood.

I would like to thank Four Seasons Garden Centre for helping us out with the urgently required Dafodill bulbs at a very heavily discounted rate.

I would also like to thank Claires Creatures for donating for FREE plants to put in the large planter in between the North and South Lodges Entrance, we also managed to put the plants in other parts of the Cemetery.

Whilst many of us were planting Bulbs other Members were hard at it in the Nature Garden fighting against the Mud making the Stone Wall around the center circle.

Ann made some Christmas Wreaths and Potts and any money raised Ann was
donating to FODC.

What a fantastic end to the Working Parties.

After the Working Party ended the members had a well earned break with a Spud Pie in the Cemetery Hotel.

Thank you to everybody who have helped, donated and organised the Working Parties in 2011 and look forward to starting all over again next year, especially when all the Dafodill Bulbs come out, it will be a great sight.

Our first Working Party in 2012 is on Saturday 28th January.

Photographs by Diane Davies
FODC November 2011