Our Lone Soldier

Anyone who walks through the Cemetery will know of our lone Soldier in Section D, this is the lone Commonwealth War Grave in the old  part of the Cemetery, we already know that the grave is not actually on its own as the
whole of Section D is filled with common graves with no Headstones, however whilst Tony Foster was gathering information on the War Graves from WW1 Tony has found out that our Lone Soldier is not on its own in its own grave.

Peter Farley, age 23 , buried 4th December
1916, died at War Hospital, Warren Road, Guildford.  .

Also buried in the same grave are:-

Isabella Reed, aged 55, buried 20 Sep 1915 1 Finch St ,Darwen
James Appleton, aged 14 son of John Appleton, buried 16th September 1915, 3,Noble St, Darwen.

Francis Riley, aged 8 mths son of Arthur Riley , buried 7th September 1915, 34,Peel St, Darwen

Bridget Cleary, aged 60, widow, buried 1st September 1915, Extreme Street Darwen

Mary Roberts, aged 5 mths daughter of John Roberts, buried 29th December
1900, 44,Railway Road ,Darwen.

All are buried in Section D Grave No 697. None of them related.

FODC April 2015