Redearth Road Methodist Chapel

Did you attend Redearth Rd Methodist Chapel and remember this War Memorial?

The WWI war memorial has been found in the Western Cemetery but only Part of it has survived.
Despite many of the names being incomplete. Tony Foster has recovered all of them on the stone.
However we are certain that a third column of names is still missing, they all attended Redearth Road Chapel.

The names are: Thomas Ainsworth, Nicholas V Bennetts, Joseph R Briggs,Ralph Briggs, John C Brindle, Hubert Bury, Wallace Duckworth, Harry Eccles, Edward Harwood, Samuel Harwood, William Henry Harwood, Hubert Haworth, Benjamin Jackson, Hubert Ashton Jepson, Samuel Jepson, Harold Kay, William Thomas Kirkham, John Richard Lomax, John Neville, John Scully, Ralph Shorrock.
We have been informed that someone saw the memorial between the two lodges in the 1980’s and at that time it was intact. He has informed us that one of the missing names was that of his uncle “James Irving WHALLEY”.

The Friends are interested in restoring the stone but would like to include all the names still missing.

FODC March 2012