Redearth Road Methodist Church Commemorative Stone Unveiling

On Sunday 3rd August 2014, on the eve of the Centenary of the start of the First World War, FODC unveiled a Commemorative Stone for the 31 men who lost their lives during WW1 from the conregration of Redearth Road Methodist Church.

(The partial stone found in the Western Cemetery)

Back in 2010 soon after FODC formed as a Freinds Group we became aware of a broken War Memorial Stone found in the bushes in the Western Cemetery (above right) behind the lodge houses, on the stone was 10 complete names and 11 partial names.

Over the last few years FODC Trustee and local historian Tony Foster carefully researched the 10 complete names we had on the stone, based on the information he found on these 10 names he worked out the stone was from the former Redearth Methodist Church.

Once Tony had the information that the stone came from Redearth Road he was able to work out the 11 partial names and a further 10 names that would of been on the completed stone.

The stone has been placed at the Lodge Entrance to the Cemetery oposite to the Cross of Sacrifice.

The commemorative stone was made by Brent Stevenson Memorials and was funded by a kind donation by Gwen and Alan Hampson.

FODC Chairman John East welcomed everybody to the event.

Tony Foster gave a short speech on the history of the stone and how he was able to complete the missing names on the stone.

Gwen Hampson and Tony unveiled the Commemorative Stone.

Gwen was then given a bunch of flowers and a commemorative Darwen Spitfire (made by WEC) as it was also her Birthday, FODC Secretory and Treasurer Peter van Dijk and Diane Walsh presented the gifts.

The Darwen Royal British Legion and Darwen Town Council laid a reef followed by a short blessing by Rev Debbie Keegan.

Gwen was Baptised and Married at the Church and her two daughters were also Baptised at the Church.

FODC August 2014