Section D1 Completed / Alice Varley Grave in Section D1

Section DI completed

The small section D1 in the Western Cemetery has had all of its headstones repaired and re-erected.

The work has been completed by Brent Stephenson Memorials with funds raised by FODC.

Alice Varley Grave in Section D1

One of the graves repaired in Section D1 is the Grave of Alice Varley.

The grave for many years was lent against its base after it was removed during the Cemetery “Topple Testing” process deemed it unsafe, this is where it stood for many years.

This was all to change at 5pm on September 8th 2010 with a loud crashing noise broke the piece and quiet of the cemetery when 3 teenagers decided it would be fun to push the grave over smashing it in three pieces.

(Alice Varley Grave prior to it being smashed)

Members of FODC who were in the cemetery when it happened gave chase but the teenagers got away.

(John East looking at the damage back in 2010)

At the time this was very upsetting to the members of FODC as the grave was a beautiful crafted cross with flowers and a bird pirched on the cross.

The Police was contacted straight away but they were unable to find out any further information about the teenagers responsible.

Now the grave has been repaired and re-erected on to its base and now stands proud with the other graves in section D1 as it did for many years before it was laid down.

(Alice Varley grave repaired and re-erected in August 2014)

FODC August 2014