Rosemary’s Award

The FODC are proud that Rosemary has won the award as we see the outstanding achievement she has made as our administrator.

We will be sorry to see her departure to Lincolnshire in the near future as Len and her move to be near family.

John East, Chair said, “Without her efficiency and robust nature of keeping us all on track our achievements would be less.

Her contribution in setting up the Friends is outstanding and we owe her and Len our eternal thanks.”

Rosemary Jackson is a co-founder of the Friends of Darwen Cemetery.
She has served as Secretory for the last three years.

She has displayed total commitment in a voluntary capacity bringing with her skills of minutes writing, funding bid writing, administration and conducting herself with humour, selflessness and a willingness to succeed in the task of restoring, renovating Darwen Cemetery.

Rosemary has secured a successful Award for All bid of £10k in 2011 to restore a Nature Garden involving local children and schools.

She helped supervise the task which resulted in a mega 150 hours of
volunteer time in completing the task.

She has earned the respect of both local councillors, tradesmen, her fellow trustees and most of all the residents of Darwen in her efficient and enthusiastic approach to this project.

Rosemary has even recruited her own daughter in Sydney
Australia to research graves, especially the only Australian solider buried in Darwen Cemetery of which she and her husband Len have adopted.
She now has a well respected reputation of keeping everyone on task and supporting the work of the several individual task forces.

Rosemary serves as a reminder of what we can all achieve with determination, humour, tenacity and community spirit which all proud to be Darreners.

FODC June 2013